Magpie GPS Tracker – TEC product of the month June 2017

We all have so many stresses in life. And if you are like me, lost keys, remotes and cards add to it. There are people who are not able to track their pets just because they turned their back for a minute or two to attend an important call or say Hello to a friend. There are also parents and others who are constantly on the edge of their seats wondering if their child or the loved one is safe. We have to deal with life and what comes with it. But when it comes to tracking people and pets and valuables, you can rely entirely on Magpie GPS Tracker.

Connect with the people and things you love

Magpie GPS Tracker is a wonderful solution for all our tracking needs. It is cheap, robust and affordable. The best part of it is that the distance doesn’t matter. Magpie uses GPS technology to track objects and people. And hence it is just like looking up a place on Google Maps.

Magpie is lightweight and you can easily hook, clip or stick it. It is small and hides securely. With geofence alerts, you will be alerted whenever your child or pet crosses that ‘safe zone’. And your child just has to squeeze the Magpie to alert you if they are in danger. This will ring your phone even when it’s silent. The built-in accelerometer will alert you whenever your bike or car or anything that you’ve parked or kept at a safe place, moves.

One other issue that comes with incredible trackers is the big price tag. And when we tell you that Magpie GPS Trackers are offered for free in their subscription model where you pay only for tracking services, we are sure you’ll fall in love with this 1.5-inch angel.

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How Magpie GPS Tracker works

Download the Magpie app which is available on Android and iOS. Squeeze your Magpie to sync it with your phone. Now, all you have to do is attach the Magpie to anything that you want to track. You’ll be able to track it down from almost anywhere. Currently, Magpie tracking is available in almost 185 countries.

Key Features

Affordable: Magpie comes in a subscription based model. Hence, you don’t pay for the tracker, but just for the GPS services which is very less.

Available everywhere: Magpie uses GPS and is able to track your things in 185 countries. So, wherever you live or wherever you go, take Magpie with you.

Long lasting rechargeable battery: Magpie uses Li-ion, single cell, 3.7 V, 500mAh battery which charges in around one hour. And it can last for as long as three months depending on the frequency of the tracking that you’ve set.

Robust: Magpie is waterproof, dustproof and can withstand blows unless of course if you are planning to bring Hulk to smash it.

Geofence alerts: Magpie will alert you when it crosses the boundaries that you’ve set.

Accelerometer alerts: Magpie will alert you if it moves even an inch from where you set it.

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For every single detail, visit Magpie on Kickstarter.

So, we conclude here with what we think is a really cool gadget and which will help us stay connected with everything and everyone that we love.

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