Top 5 Gadgets/Apps for Explorers


For today’s post, I’ve compiled a list of top 5 gadgets and apps I feel you would love if you are into adventures and sports and even if not, but like to shoot and click the moments of your life.

5. Helixot XO 6.2 backpack

When traveling or doing adventure sports, one of the main problems comes in form of the safety of your valuables like keys, passport, phone, camera etc. You want them close to you and in good condition. Well, the solution to keeping your valued things near you and in safe and dry condition comes in a form of an 850gm backpack from Helixot. Helixot is fully submersible, has a screw cap closing mechanism for airtight protection and an ergonomic design that clings to your back without obstructing your movements. It’s especially more useful for those engaged in water sports and such activities as it keeps your stuff dry. Also, during hiking and trekking, where you do need a backpack for first aid and helping tools and other essential supplies but you definitely don’t want your backpack to linger or hang from your body making your movements difficult.

4. Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer

The next product in the list is the Steadicam Volt. It’s always wonderful to look back at the memories and remember the good old times through photos and videos that we captured. But it loses its charm when you can’t see the face because of blurred image or a shaking video which just ruins everything that you wanted to remember. Welcome Steadicam volt! Steadicam has been providing the technology of capturing shake-free and smooth videos for past 40 years and now it has put this technology in your hands making it possible to capture shake-free videos like a pro from your very own smartphone. The stabilization technology of Steadicam has been used in movies like Rocky, Bound for Glory and many others. Some of the features that would make you go for your own Steadicam Volt are:

  • Its lightweight and foldable design for easy handling and storage
  • Accompanying mobile apps for precise balance and tuning
  • Different operating modes for beginners and experienced
  • Long life rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Accomodation for phones of almost all sizes and weights
  • Use of haptic that is touch-based feedback for simulated inertia
  • A batteryless manual mode which works even when your battery completely drains out.

3. MyDrone

No matter whatever you want to record, in what weather, or what terrain. You wear a sports watch, attach a follow module on your wrist, do some settings like height, direction, distance from you etc and you are good to go. You’ll be followed as per your settings and every activity recorded by a 4K HD video camera. We are talking about MyDrone here. Whether you want to track your activities for improvement or record your achievement, view your sports or other activity from different perspectives, MyDrone is the answer to everything. My drone has various flight modes like simple follow, selfie mode, orbit mode, freeze mode and other such modes, 8 flight modes in total. Some of the brilliant features of MyDrone:

  • It can gain a speed of up to 72km/h.
  • It has a wind resistance of 18m/sec.
  • It has a cold resistance of -25 deg C.
  • It has navigation and automatic flight functionality.

In short, no matter what kind of video capturing you want, MyDrone provides the best solution.

2. Motiv Ring
Motiv ring is like wearing your motivation on your fingers. Nowadays, everybody is concerned about their health and fitness and want to feel active and energized all the time. More and more people are turning towards fitness centers and nutrition and organic products and a healthy lifestyle. But how do you know whether your latest workout is burning the desired amount of calories or whether your activities are what your heart needs to stay healthy? There are many gadgets and application that track health and fitness but what I found to be one of the most simple and elegant solution is the Motiv ring. You can wear it on your finger. It stays with you 24×7. Or you can say it tracks your health and activity around the clock, a thing that most fitness trackers currently fail at. It’s waterproof, has Bluetooth, a battery life of up to five days and a heart-rate sensor. The Motiv ring measures active minutes, active and resting heart rate, calories burned, activity types etc. The data recorded by the Motiv ring is then analyzed and reported to you via its iPhone app. With Motiv ring, it’s now possible to wear your motivation around your fingers to stay healthy and fit. And what makes it good is the number of features versus the size and ease of use and continuous availability that it comes in.

1. Periscope
The best app in this list lets you see the world from the comfort of your home or during transit or when stuck in traffic. Periscope, which is not a gadget but an Android and ios app. Often people resort to Twitter to know about the trending topics and discussions. People are continuously tweeting about the latest sports, event, movie, gadgets and anything under the sun. But what if you want to not just read about the happenings around the globe but see it through your eyes. Here’s where Periscope comes in. It is a live video streaming app that allows broadcasting directly from your phone camera. These streams can be watched by anyone who is interested in them. People can also actively send comments and the person who shared the video can respond in real time. The idea was so revolutionary that it was acquired by Twitter even before it was officially launched. Periscope’s live video feature is integrated into Twitter app and is also a standalone app. It gives a person the power of exploring anything around the world from their own smartphone. And this is what makes it the best app for adventurers.

So, friends these apps and gadgets are what any adventurer would love to have with him to make his journey, his adventure, his life more simple, more powerful, more memorable.

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