Android Instant Apps

Android Instant apps are basically the cloud version of their Google Play counterparts. This article gives you the basic understanding of instant apps.

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Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost Explained

Turbo Boost is the term that Apple very proudly boasts of about its processors. Processor can run over their clockspeed to give extra performance and faster speed. This is called Turbo Boost.

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Edge Sense – Just Squeeze It

Edge Sense Explained

How will you feel when someone asks you to squeeze their phone and see what happens. Weird though it may sound but it is true. With HTC U11, you got to squeeze your phones to do certain tasks. The phone recognizes short squeeze and long squeezes.

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Dual camera phones

Dual Camera Lens Explained

A dual camera consists of two cameras, a primary camera which acts as a regular camera. The other one is a secondary camera which can serve various purposes from capturing details to adding a different angled shot to the original one.

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