Android Oreo – Key Features and everything else..


Yet another version of Android is here, Android Oreo. There are many new features and I have made a category wise list of the most noteworthy features that you might be interested in.

Look and Feel

  • There are noticeable changes in the settings section. It is divided into many new categories to give a simplified look to the front page. Everything that existed is there. But it may be under some other category or under its own new name. For example, Bluetooth that rested under the network category has now a new category Connected devices. 
  • The battery percentage number is not there. Disappointed!! Well, many are. Because that number had been guiding the way the phone is used to many people. 😀
  • The user can now customize the navigation buttons. You can either move or compress and even add predefined navigation buttons as you like.


Background Limits

Android O puts many automatic limits on what apps can do in the background. This will help a lot in improving battery life and the interactive response time of the device. Apps cannot infinitely run processes in the background now.

Runtime Optimizations

Due to the runtime optimizations, apps will run faster and better.

Ease of Access

Grouping of notifications

Users can categorize notification content and then set behavior on categories rather than all the notifications. For example, a user can categorize notifications to general, educational and technical. Then, he can block all general notifications, change the visual settings of technical notifications and so forth. The user can also snooze notifications from a certain app for a given period.

Auto-fill app

Users can select the auto-fill app just as they select the keyboard. Thus, a user doesn’t have to add repetitive data.

Picture in picture display

This feature makes it possible to answer a chat or use another app while playing a video.

LDAC support and Wi-Fi Aware

The LDAC codecs support along with other audio codecs will give amazing sound quality for wireless listening technology. Wi-Fi Aware makes it possible to connect to other devices through Wi-Fi Aware and communicate over Wi-Fi without any other connection like Bluetooth or access point etc. However, the phone must have the necessary hardware to support this feature.

Keyboard navigation

A more reliable and predictable arrow and tab navigation from the keyboard itself.

Developer’s Interests

Full font support in XML

You can use and even define fonts in XML files. Finally, fonts are now a fully supported resource.

Adaptive icons

Icons are displayed in different shapes and animations based on the mask selected by the device. This gives a better adaptation with the device UI.

Wide-gamut color for apps

Android developers can now take advantage of new devices that have a wide-gamut color capable display. This feature is especially helpful for imaging apps.

Keyboard navigation

A more reliable and predictable arrow and tab navigation from the keyboard itself.

AAudio API

An easy way to get high performance and low latency audio. The API reads and writes data using streams.

Enabled multi-process mode

This feature creates an isolated process to access web content. Moreover, an API is provided to handle app crashes and errors. This will aid a lot in improving app stability and security.

Support for latest Java APIs

Android O supports many recent Java APIs with the optimized runtime.

Quick Note to developers

Developers should make their apps compatible with Android Oreo so that users can get the best of Android. Developers can learn everything they need about Android Oreo here. So, friends make the most use of new features and create amazing apps.

Tools that will help to get started with Android Oreo

  • Android Studio 2.4
  • 26.0.0 support library for all the new APIs
  • Updated SDK with system images for testing on the official Android Emulator

In conclusion, I’ll say that friends, get started with the Android Oreo and do give feedback to make Android O as successful.

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