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Google Developer Day is an annual event held by Google across the world consisting of seminars and code labs. This year, Google Developer Day in India was held at Ahmedabad on March 31, 2017. We attended and fully enjoyed the seminar and here’s a brief overview of the event.

The event was organized at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad. After the Welcome note, we had to select a track that we were interested in. From Mobile-Track and Cloud-Track, we went for the Mobile-Track and here’s a brief of the day’s activities there. We’ll discuss the main points discussed during various sessions.

Android Studio

The key highlight was the ConstraintLayout in Android Studio. Now, if you update Android Studio, ConstraintLayout is going to be the default layout. And they recommended it for more flexible layouts and good performance of the app and speedy rendering. You can find more about ConstraintLayout here.

Google Assistant

With all the buzz around Google Assistant when Pixel was launched, the word is not new. We know the power of Google Assistant and now Google has made integrating it into apps easier. API.AI is there to easily build conversational experiences for Google Assistant.

Android Things

Here comes the topic that we liked the most and which is the Next Big Thing. Internet of Things is in full bloom now. And to be able to use IoT being an Android Developer without changing your area of expertise is what blew our mind. I mean it’s wonderful. You don’t know embedded system design and you don’t have to. Android Things is the way to go.


  • Google comes with a smart lock for passwords which reduces the burden of the user to remember the accounts linked with the app and the hassle of signing up for new apps. The smart lock remembers credentials and auto-fill the Signup forms and you don’t need to log in from the same device ever again.
  • FirebaseUI Auth is there to securely identify the user and make the process of authentication of the user for the developers very easy. Just 5 lines of code and you’ve securely authenticated the user.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs or the Progressive Web Apps are a new way of enriching the user experience on the web. PWAs are extremely fast, provide smooth interaction and feel just like an app. You can even add a button of the app to your home screen. In a nutshell, they actually are more of a website rather than an app. More about PWAs.

Android O

The new OS was also discussed and there was nothing in the discussion that isn’t mentioned here. They also asked us to wait till at least 3 developer previews of the Android O before actually implementing any changes in the app. Because it’s currently a work in action and you don’t want your changes to not work in the next preview.

So, friends, that was pretty much everything that was discussed in the event. Apart from the technical stuff, do note that the event was a great success. The arrangement was great. The food was delicious and you also got the freebies, a cool T-shirt and a laptop bag. 😛

But above that, they dedicated the last one hour to solve the queries from the audience in the Open House Discussion. The sessions never got boring because of the great content and speakers and breaks at regular intervals. Even during the break, people were there to solve any doubt that may be raising its head.

In addition, start-ups were invited to fill forms and selective ones were to receive Google Mentorship.

Finishing here, we just have to say that we had a blast at the Google Developer Day and you can see some of the glimpses below.

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