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Google. You hear the name and the first thing that comes to mind is the best services and that too for free. Be it the ubiquitous search engine or the maps and navigation or the mail and drive or the most revolutionary Android OS, Google has provided it all for free.  The list is long but it doesn’t need recognition. Everyone knows and uses Google’s services.

Moreover, the majority of the services provided are also open-source. The feature-rich libraries, Android development tools, the APIs are all available on the Internet. And the big news is that now Google is making all its projects open source and bringing it under one roof, Google OpenSource.

Developer’s interests

It is always great when a feature that you want to implement in your code is already available. You just have to integrate the API or use the library and you are done. You can then worry about the real logic of your program. And you don’t have waste time coding what someone already spent hours of effort on. The Google Open Source is just that. You can explore through various open-source projects and download and use what you require or simply learn from them and build something better.

The eye-catching website

When you reach the explore page of the Open Source website, you get a cloud-like bubble of the projects which you can play with. The next page contains project details and the source code. It’s fun going through the projects. And don’t worry, if you are in a hurry, there is a category based search option and a list view of the projects to speed things up.

ThisĀ indeed is a huge step towards freedom of information. Getting some of the best future products for free and to be able to contribute to them. The world definitely is getting better. So friends, not just Go Google, Go Google Open Source. šŸ˜‰

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