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You may or may not be aware of Google Photos. You may have just started using them or know every nook and corner of it. Today, we are here to point out some interesting and very useful features of Google Photos.

Google Photos provides users free unlimited storage for photos with size up to 16 megapixels and videos with resolution up to 1080 pixels. However, all the uploaded photos use up the storage from the 15GB that is allotted per account if you are a free user. Android and IOS apps are also available for this service.

I am listing some of the prominent and useful features of Google Photos below.

Access from anywhere

The photos are stored in your Google Drive. Hence, these images are synced with all the devices for your given Google account. Thus, you can access these photos from any phone or tablet or computer. You just have to link your account.

Search by Category

Currently, you can search for Photos under three main categories: people, places, and things.

Google uses its content recognition technology to identify and group the same faces (Mamma, Bob Marley :-P), geographical locations (China Town, Golden Gate)and even things and events (birthday, animal).

Under People, you’ll see one photo of every person that you’ve had a photograph with. This is just marvelous.

Good Edits

Google implements various forms of machine learning and gives you wonderful memories. It generates albums consisting of the best photos of a trip or an event. Moreover, it also creates simple animations by combining similar photos to create a quick video. Image correction measures like automatic white balance correction and video stabilization are also provided by Google Photos.

Seriously Google, how much more versatile can you become!!

All these features make Google Photos a great choice to store your memories and relive them the way you want.

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