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Knowledge Base or knowledge graph is like a database of knowledge that helps to enhance the search results. It uses semantic search to improve search accuracy. The results of a semantic search depend on various factors like location, synonyms, a variation of words, natural language queries, concept matching, the context of search, etc.

A knowledge graph is a rectangular panel that you see beside your search results. It contains not only the search result but relevant information too. It’s just like the related products on any e-commerce website. You get the options to search more.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Base/ Graph display was added to the search engine in 2012. And as of 2016, it has a knowledge base of 70 billion facts.

How it Works

The basic thing about the knowledge base/ graph is that it is a collection of information and it aids in understanding the links between various information. So, the results that you get are not the result of the exact word-to-word comparison. It will depend on what you were currently searching, what your location is, and what your preferences are. As a result of knowledge graph, you are also able to see various options of the words that you may mean. For example, if you search spaghetti, you may mean the spaghetti dress, pasta or top. So, you can search for the appropriate options for faster results. And all this is possible due to unending, mind-blasting information from the knowledge base.

In short, a knowledge graph understands the information on the web and user queries and connects both of them.

Available everywhere

What’s more! A knowledge graph caters to the searches from desktop, tablet and mobiles. So, no matter where you search from, you will get great answers along with some other information that you find interesting.

Knowledge Graph on Google

Knowledge Graph on Wikipedia

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