Have you been dreaming of a programming language that has the modern features of Scala and speed and reliability of Java? If so, then pull up your sleeves to learn the all new Kotlin programming language. It is a statically typed programming language that supports multiplatform programming. With Kotlin, you can build applications for JVM, Android, Browser and Native.

Kotlin is 100% interoperable and compatible with Java and Android. The syntax is different but you can easily migrate a Java app to Kotlin. Some of the big heads that have adopted Kotlin in their applications and other development are Pinterest, Coursera, Uber, Gradle, and many more.

Moreover, Kotlin is now official on Android as announced during Google I/O 2017.

Developers, you now will be free from so many issues that made the life living hell for you. Some of these include null-pointer exceptions, extension functions and infix notation. Major IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA (community and Ultimate edition), Android Studio 3.0 and Eclipse (through a plugin) support Kotlin. What’s more! You can use any compiler and build it from the command line.

So, welcome and embrace the all powerful Kotlin programming language. It is sure to be the new face of Android programming.

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Kotlin on Wikipedia

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