Is it worth buying Macbook Air in 2017?


I recently ordered MacBook Air from Amazon. And then I surfed the net if it is worth buying a MacBook Air in 2017. And there are many many people out there voting against it. A thing that I should have probably searched earlier. But who cares. I have my MacBook Air and I am utterly happy with it.

I read the reviews and opinions of some of the popular columns and I think I disagree with them on many grounds. So, let’s get started.

Speed and Performance

The 2017 update included a minor tweak in terms of processor speed from 1.6 GHz to 1.8 GHz with the speed reaching up to 2.9GHz in Turbo Boost mode. Other MacBooks, of course, enjoy higher speed. And I came across many websites stating that this is a big downside. Well, I’ve been using my MacBook Air for quite some time now. And I do 4K video editing, edit pictures as and when required alongside and with Android Studio open too. You sometimes just forget to close the software that you are not currently using B). And it doesn’t show any lag. So far, I have used around four heavy process software side by side with some regular ones like browser, music player, etc also running. And I am happy with the Air’s speed.

The TN Panel Display

The MacBook Air sports the TN Panel display. And as with all TN displays, it has color shifts at different angles. But on the bright side, it draws less power and is more responsive; a treat for the gamers out there. Other MacBooks have the IPS technology display and hence better colors and wide-angle viewing.

A bit low resolution

The 13-inch MacBook Air has a resolution of 1440×900 at 128ppi while the 13-inch MacBook Pro has a resolution of 2560×1600 at 227ppi. Now, that is a huge difference. The Air’s picture quality is just fine but if you put these two Macs side by side, then you will definitely notice the fuzzy effect and rough picture in MacBook Air.

Just like Air

As the name suggests, the MacBook Air is really lightweight and weighs around 1.4 kg. And this is lighter than MacBook Pro (1.8 kg).

Great battery life

MacBook Air has a wonderful battery life of 10-12 hours for normal to heavy usage. And this is definitely higher than MacBook and MacBook Pro (around 10 hours). And great battery life means a lot to me.

MagSafe Power Connector

This is probably the only MacBook model now with the MagSafe connector. People like me around the globe are definitely going to miss this. I have already toppled three times on the wire. And each time, the connector just came out. The laptop didn’t even budge from its place. I am proud of my MagSafe power connector.

Lack of USB-C ports

While many consider this as a drawback as MacBook Pro comes installed with USB-C type ports. However, for now, the majority of devices are compatible with the regular USB port. So, if you own a Pro, you may have to buy an additional adapter to use your existing USB devices.

The good old keyboard, no butterflies

MacBook and Pro both have a butterfly keyboard. These keyboards are meant to reduce the response time. However, that is totally fine with me. The MacBook Air keyboard is equally responsive. I am not a big fan of the butterfly style keyboards.


There are many other minor features that I love about my MacBook Air.

  • The glowing Apple logo is something that we all relate the MacBook to. The new Pro series have eliminated it and I am sure this is going to break many hearts.
  • The backlit keyboard is a great functionality. It’s there in all the MacBooks.
  • The only MacBook with a price tag under $1000.
  • The sound system of the MacBook Air is great. Music and movies are a delight to the ears.
  • The Wi-Fi standards on MacBook Air are the same as the MacBook Pro (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible).
  • There are numerous apps that come with the laptop. Some of the apps are:
    • FaceTime for free video calls with other Apple devices
    • Office apps like Numbers spreadsheet, Pages page layout, and Keynote presentations
    • Apps for photo archiving, movie making and music-making and listening apps
    • Siri, the personal voice assistant from Apple
    • The regulars like messages, calendars, iTunes, reminders, etc.

What’s not to Like

Apart from everything, there are certain things though that are problematic in my short relationship with the MacBook Air so far. Not major or life-threatening ones 😛 but just for the information.

  • The power connector gets tangled easily and even retains those tangles.
  • As explained above, viewing the screen from different angles is just weird. It gives different color textures and is not a very good experience.
  • The display lid is too smooth. It’s great in opening and closing the laptop. But even if the laptop gets a little jerk, the screen just falls back.
  • Charger gets heated up too much while charging.
  • If you decide to buy a MacBook Air, you’ll have to go for Silver color because that’s the only one available. On the other hand, MacBook comes in many beautiful colors (Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Rose Gold). And the same goes for MacBook Pro (Silver and Space Grey).

So, that’s my experience with MacBook Air and so far it is great. I would definitely recommend MacBook Air to anyone. Yes, it is worth buying a MacBook Air in 2017. 🙂

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