Expanded YouTube Partner Program – Protecting Creators from Content Copiers


YouTube Partner Program was started in 2007 to help you with everything that makes a channel great and earns you money. Now, YouTube takes it a step further by expanding the YouTube Partner Program towards safeguarding original content and reducing fraudulent and duplicate posts.

The Expanded YouTube Partner Program

As stated on the YouTube Creator blog yesterday, YouTube will stop showing advertisements on channels that have lifetime views less than 10K.

This step may affect the revenues of many channels. But according to the YouTube community, it will safeguard those who take time and toil hard to create wonderful and original content. Some people just copy the most viewed videos and earn themselves a lot of money which they don’t truly deserve. So, watch out impersonators, you’ll have a hard time now.

Reporting Impersonation

YouTube has also made it easy to report impersonation. If you find that someone is impersonating your channel, you can use the reporting tool. And if you find someone impersonating you for comments or such activities, you can report here by filling the web-form.

When the channel reaches 10K views

YouTube will review a channel once its views reach the total of 10K. It will then decide whether they are eligible for advertisements or not. YouTube will also make sure that the creator is posting original content. It will also ensure that the channel follows the community guidelines and advertiser policies.

What we think

This may come as a blow to those starting new and do post original content. But rest assured, it will do good in the long term. I mean this affects us too. Our channel, The Engineer’s Cafe is yet to reach that 10K mark. So B-Bye advertisements. 🙁

More and more people are earning from YouTube now than ever before. And so it becomes increasingly requisite now, to safeguard the interests of genuine YouTubers. We at Engineer’s Cafe warmly welcome this decision and hope to cross that 10K mark soon.

Happy YouTubing. 🙂

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