OnePlus hits the market yet again with Bullets V2 Earphones and that too at an unbelievable price of Rs 1,199. Bullets V2 are a successor to Silver Bullet earphones launched in 2014. And they really have come a long way, especially in the sound quality.



First things first, the most conspicuous and aesthetic part of any OnePlus product is the packaging. I’ve always loved the way my OnePlus X had been packed and the box that carried the Bullets V2 was beautiful too.

Next thing about Bullets V2 that catches the eye is the wonderfully finished product that we get. Whether it be the metal casing or the smooth texture or the wonderfully cut edges, these earphones definitely feel and look premium.


I used Bullets V2 with my OnePlus X running 7.1.1 Lineage OS.
The isolation from the surroundings was truly good, in both ways. No one nearby gets disturbed and you also can’t hear a thing from outside. It’s like entering your own world with no one besides your Bullets V2.
The bass quality was not something that other earphones in this range offer. Rather than giving you a high bass loud music, Bullets V2 offered wonderful sound effect with perfect range of bass and treble. It was perfect for my tastes.

Some other prominent features of Bullets V2:

  • Flat wire design to tackle tangling issue: Though there is some tangling problem and the wire retains bends.
  • Feather-light in-ear chambers for a wonderful sound experience: The lightweight also┬ámakes it possible to wear it for long intervals without feeling exhausted.
  • Three-button remote control: The earphones come with an inline button to adjust volume, play or change tracks and answer calls. Long pressing the middle button opens the voice assistant in your phone. The middle button can also be used as mute button during call.
  • Three ear tips in different sizes: The three sizes make sure that the earphones fit you perfectly.

You can find the detailed official specifications here.
My review is that I loved these earphones and I would recommend it to you. Its good value for the meagre price of Rs 1,199.

Buy OnePlus Bullets Earphones (V2) Black

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