Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ (Things you should know)


The much-awaited and discussed phone by Samsung, Galaxy S8 was finally launched today. It is, therefore, going to be interesting the first few months of S8 after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. And from the looks of the phone and the features announced, it feels sure that Galaxy S8 is here to bang the market hard.

S8 comes in two models:

  • 5.8′ Galaxy S8
  • 6.2′ Galaxy S8 Plus

We are not going to list all the technical specifications here. Because they are best and most reliably described at the Samsung website. What we will point here are the most prominent features of S8 that will sweep you up.

Infinity Display

Phones, tablets, everything that we hear of are moving towards a Bezel-less design. And Samsung Galaxy S8 is no exception. S8 has an end-to-end screen that also spills over the phone’s sides. This gives a bigger screen without increasing the phone size. The smoothened curves give an easy grip and a beautiful uninterrupted look.


The front and rear cameras are fine-tuned to give crystal clear and perfectly crisp pictures.

The selfie camera has smart autofocus to track face and the rear camera functions as well in dark as in the light. The Dual Pixel sensor makes it possible to focus swiftly and quickly and hence give wonderful in-action pictures.

There are many other features in the camera like Pro mode, Selective focus, Filtered effects, and Food mode that will make your desire for that perfect photo come true. Create moments that you’ll relive every time you see the photos.

Security and Privacy

Nobody wants their phone to be in else’s hands without proper protection. And S8 gives you a Z+ like security with its face recognition and Iris scanning features. Apart from them, the traditional fingerprint, pattern, password and PIN options are also there.

You can also store your confidential data in a secured folder that only you can access.


With the 10nm processor, S8 gives a powerful performance and hence speedier phone. The battery consumption is said to have gone down by 20%.

Gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi support ensure faster downloads and sharing.

Gamers go Crazy

The boundless screen, improved battery performance, and the speed is a boon to gamers. They will get the gaming experience for even the most graphic-intensive games like never before.

Rain, dust, no matter what!

The Galaxy series are known for their dust and water resistance and S8 and S8+ are no exceptions either. They are water-resistant in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

Wireless charging and Type C USB

Galaxy S8 and S8+ charges real fast and also has a wireless charging capability. Also, the Type C USB charging cable ensures that you can just plug it in without having to worry about the right side up.


The smartest feature of all is Bixby, the voice assistant. It not only answers your questions but also detects photos and gives information about it. It can also give you information about nearby places from a given picture. And this is just the beginning. Bixby will understand American English and Korean languages.

Bixby is here to open an entirely new era of how smartphones are used. Both Galaxy S8 and S8+ have a button to directly access Bixby.

Bluetooth 5.0

One more feature that we recently discovered, courtesy this video by Marques Brownlee, is that Samsung S8 and S8+ have Bluetooth 5.0 which is two times faster, has 4 times range and gives 8 times more data throughput.

Samsung has introduced the term “Dual Audio” for its high-speed data transfer. This gives you a stereo style experience by transferring data to two speakers simultaneously. Or in simple words, you can play a song on two Bluetooth speakers.

Now, that’s a truly long list and yes, one more thing. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will also include Harman In-Ear Headphones inside the box. We’ll stop here and let you decide how practically well S8 and S8+ perform and what your experience says. Pre-registration is started and the phones will be available on April 21st, 2017.

Let the saga begin.

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