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Tizen is an open-source and flexible operating system that spans multiple devices from phones and tablets to in-vehicle devices to home appliances. We are not going to discuss Tizen in this article. You can find all about Tizen OS here. What we are interested in letting you know is about the Tizen Incentive Program. A simple and straightforward way to earn $10,000 and gain popularity in the Tizen community.

The Tizen Incentive Program

Developers from around the globe are welcome to develop a Tizen app and register it to the Tizen Store Seller Office. If the app is selected in the top 100 apps, then be ready to count the cash, or gawk at the cheque or your account balance. You will get $10,000. Winners are declared every month. And the top 100 apps are selected based on the number of downloads for that app from the Tizen Store.

Top 100 apps for March and February can be found here.

Need to follow the rules

All Tizen mobile apps approved and available on Tizen Store are eligible for participation. There, however, are some restrictions.

  • Play it fair. If there are any complaints against the apps like copyright infringement or prank apps or the fake ones, then approval will be denied. Even if an issue arises later, the approved app may be turned down.
  • Apps that already come preloaded on Tizen-operated devices are denied to approval.
  • Any app that has received funding from Samsung Electronics or Tizen Association cannot participate in the program.
  • Any employee of Samsung cannot participate in the program.
  • Also, you need to submit your app to the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program to get selected and win.

The Winners

An app that has been most downloaded and selected in the incentive program won’t be selected again if it gets most downloads. The incentive is provided in a USD foreign exchange transfer with the responsibility for all related fees and taxes being borne by the incentive winner.

The incentive is provided in a USD foreign exchange transfer. And the overhead fees and taxes are to be borne by the winner.

Incentive winners receive a notification email to confirm the app owner’s identity and they also need to provide other information for additional security and confirmation.

So, the coders out there, get back to coding. Develop an app that grabs the attention and hence the incentive for you.

Good luck and great work will earn you big bucks!

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