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Today’s post is about a website that offers wonderful and amazing free photos in high resolution, Unsplash. And the best part, in their own words is “Do whatever you want” with these images.

About Unsplash

When you reach the website, you are greeted with beautiful photos and some social links. You can directly view and download the photos. You can also follow Unsplash on various social media websites from the links provided on the main page of the website.

If you are frequently visiting the website for photos from a particular category, you can join it and select the categories of photos that you prefer. You can also follow people with similar interests so that you are continually notified about the photos that they upload.

The website design is simple, elegant and easy to use. I really liked it.

Create your Collection

You can even create your collection of photos that you like for easy access. You can use them later or just go and watch them anytime you’re feeling low or happy or anything that makes you want to go and see those photos.

Sounds weird? No. Everybody does it.

I’ve my collection of photos that I just watch sometimes when I am stuck or depressed or plain bored. 😛

Apart from this, you can submit a photo, like other people’s work, maintain your profile and be a part of the ever-growing Unsplash community.

Unsplash Instant for Google Chrome

Moreover, there also is an Unsplash Instant extension for Google Chrome. It will display a new photo every time you open a new tab. The photos displayed are probably just random selection.

You can like the photo, download it directly and even share it on Facebook and Twitter.

So friends, add that touch of beauty and creativity with the photos from Unsplash and forget the worries of price or copyright or policies. Because

The best things in the world are for free.

But do remember that

The second best do cost a fortune.

Also, do check out our YouTube video.

That’s all folks. Stay creative and keep splashing images from Unsplash.

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