Yi Halo – a foolproof solution to capturing VR videos


Google aims to simplify the VR video capturing with it’s professional VR platform, Jump. Jump cameras are specially built for automated video stitching. Combine this with depth data, exposure control, tone mapping, everything that a Jump Assembler provides, you will definitely capture a wonder in the VR world. And to state that more is yet to come. Wow!!  Google has announced the next generation Jump camera, Yi Halo. Yi Halo has 17 Yi 4K cameras (16 along the ring and one at the top facing up) that enable capturing stereoscopic video with 8K resolution at 30 frames/second and 5.8K resolution at 60 frames/second. To consider it a giant would be an error as it weighs only 7.7 pounds. And it comes with a price tag of $16,999.

One of the biggest hurdles that creators face when developing VR content is shooting video that gives a 360-degree experience without a glitch and depth that looks as good as real. Well, Jump was created with the main agenda of removing these barriers and making VR filmmaking as easy as any other.

Yi Halo – the next-gen Jump camera

The Yi Halo is built in collaboration with Yi Technology, a company well known for its action cameras. The camera also gives the creator full control of various color and mode settings. Apart from the AC adapter for plugging, the camera also comes with a built-in battery with 100 minutes footage. A small touch panel informs you about the battery and SD card information of each camera individually.

Role of Jump

The Jump Assembler takes input from the 17 cameras of Halo and returns a seamless 360-degree video. The auto stitching algorithms make the stitching process a few hours’ work. This stitching process when done manually usually takes days to complete. A “rough stitch” option simply provides you a preview in your laptop within minutes. Jump also does auto-correction of video like exposure correction, tone mapping, etc. This gives a seamless output and looks great even for different lighting conditions.

For the people

Here’s to those who find that $17,000 tag intimidating. Initial cost balances itself by providing much of the work in automation. Most of this task would have otherwise required experts and professionals who cost a lot more in the long term. Also, to make Jump and Halo widely accessible, Google has also announced a program, Jump Start. This program gives two-month access to Jump camera and unlimited use of Jump Assembler during that period to over 100 filmmakers. So, if you fancy using the Jump camera without putting the money in, send your application before May 22, 2017. But do remember to read the criteria and fit yourself in.

So, kudos to Yi Halo and Google’s Jump for simplifying the creation of VR videos. Halo will surely unravel the whole new potential of Virtual Reality.

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