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Do you remember the article that we wrote about Unsplash? It’s a wonderful way of getting great images and that too for free. Well, the developers of Splashy have taken it a step further. They have created desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Debian OS. They provide a wonderful way to change your desktop wallpaper every few minutes. You can download the app here.

Everybody likes to set desktop wallpapers according to their choice. Back then when I discovered that you could change the desktop after a given amount of time, it was like finding a new planet. 😛 No, but seriously, it felt great at the time. And then began the odyssey to attain maximum wallpapers so that we can have a new one every time we come back to the desktop. brings those memories back. We may not be that fascinated by a changing wallpaper now. But we always like cherishing the good old times every now and then. All you have to do now is download the splashy app. And do a few quick settings. And it’s done. You’ll have a new wallpaper every few minutes.

There are certain settings provided in the app.

  1. You can manually set the time when the wallpaper changes.
  2. By default, the app starts on startup. You can also opt-out of it.
  3. You can also change the current wallpaper immediately in case you don’t like it by clicking the button at the bottom right corner of the screen. It’s a good way to browse through various images right there from your desktop too.

Whenever you feel like browsing wallpapers or changing settings, you will find the Splashy app in the Notification Tray.

The Unsplash logo at the top takes you directly to the Unsplash website.

The credits of the photo are given at the bottom left corner of the screen.

So, I think that’s all the information about the Splashy app. Just go, download it and enjoy wonderful changing wallpapers.

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