Have you ever faced the scenario of logging in and finding thousands of unread emails? Most of these are newsletters or promotional emails that one is never going to read. But who has the heart or the time to go through each of them and delete them.

Well, we are here with the solution, Cleanfox. Cleanfox is a website that helps you clean your inbox and makes our dear planet earth a little more green. 


Email ecosystem

According to Cleanfox, the average annual carbon footprint of an email is 10g. Well, how much harm could that cause. Not much!! But just multiply the amount by 200 million, the number of emails that are sent every minute. Or in other words, 2000 tons of carbon dioxide per minute. And the fun part is 90% of the entire email flow is spam and newsletters. A majority of such emails are just going to clutter the inbox without being read.

Impact of Emails on environment

Your emails, whether you’re a tech junkie or someone opening your inbox once a month or even less, are stored at multiple data centers. Maintenance of these data centers requires huge amount of electricity, cooling and manpower. Moreover, these data centers also emit greenhouse gases. In 2007, the entire information and communication technologies sector was responsible for roughly 2% of global carbon emissions. And data centers accounted for 14% of the ICT footprint. Moreover, it is estimated that this amount of greenhouse gas emissions from data centers would be more than double by 2020.

So, that’s just a simple account of how your overflowing, unread inbox is impacting the environment.

Cleanfox – cleaning up inbox on your behalf

Now, coming to the solution. Cleanfox. You just have to sign up with your email, delete the emails scanned by Cleanfox and you are good to go. You’ve become the knight in shining armor saving earth from the devil of email pollution. 😎

Security and Privacy

When you sign up on Cleanfox with your email, it asks permission to access inbox, contact and profile information and basic email settings. Well, almost all sign ups that you do with Google or Facebook access your basic information. So it’s up to you to trust the website and grant permission. I searched the internet for reviews and found Cleanfox to be extremely secure in many of the review sites. Cleanfox takes its users privacy and security extremely seriously and uses Gmail’s authentication services to access its users’ data. In short no unauthorized access!!

How it works

Using Cleanfox is extremely simple. You just have to sign up with the email that you want to clean.

Now, Cleanfox identifies the emails that need to be deleted?

In the next step, it gives you the amount of CO2 that you’ll save on cleaning the email or inbox.

And then, you are given a website wise list of emails that need to be cleaned. The list also contains the number of emails and your open rate for these emails and the annual carbon footprint. You are given the option to delete emails and stay subscribed or even cancel the subscription.

Just imagine, emails that would take hours for you to sort out and delete are deleted in just a few clicks.


Another important thing to note is that Cleanfox doesn’t permanently delete emails but moves them to Trash folder from where they are automatically deleted. So, in a case of a mistake, mail recovery is possible within a certain period of time.

Finally on completing the deletion, Cleanfox shows your personal statistics and your environmental impact in terms of the number of trees that you’ve saved by cleaning up your inbox. That really gives a proud feeling.

In short, Cleanfox

  • Gets rid of old emails and unsubscribes instantly.
  • Is safe. Your connection and your data are protected by SSL

Email Providers supported

Cleanfox currently supports almost all major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail and Outlook), Orange, SFR, Free, AOL, La Poste, Noos, Numericable, GMX, BBOX (and Bouygtel), Apple and iCloud.

Cleanfox is currently in English and French languages.

So, rather than spending hours on selecting and deleting newsletters and other such junk emails, use Cleanfox and you just sit back and relax or do something that’s worth your time.

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