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Do you like the organized structure of Gmail inbox with newsletters and social media updates away from your Primary Inbox? Well, most of us love it. But Gmail is not the only email account that people have. How to deal with the inbox clutter for other email accounts. Welcome! Tidy Inbox from Newton.

Newton is an email app that supports almost all email providers, even the custom ones. It has some great features like reverting back sent emails, scheduled mailing, snooze and reminders and many many features that curtail the burden, that emails come with nowadays.

What is Tidy Inbox

Newton is continuously improvising and a further addition comes in the form of Tidy Inbox. Tidy Inbox is a feature that is not new but has not been widely implemented. Gmail came with the idea of sorting your emails but it has not extended to more than a few other providers. The majority of the email inboxes are still cluttered with every type of email that you can imagine.

Tidy Inbox comes with the option of directing your newsletters and social media updates to a low priority folder. So, now your inbox just contains the emails that really need your attention. You don’t even risk some important emails going to low priority folder as Tidy Inbox doesn’t make any decision on its own. It will specifically do what it has been assigned by remembering your settings and choices.

The “not smart” Tidy Inbox

Tidy Inbox contains two low priority folders, Newsletters, and Social. Once you enable them, all that your inbox will contain is the emails that actually matter. In their own words, Tidy Inbox is “not smart”. So, it will never make decisions on its own about putting a certain email into a low priority folder. You are totally relieved of the constant worry of a machine-generated email or a group email not coming to your primary inbox.

It also remembers your choices. If you move a certain newsletter from a low priority folder to your inbox, it will remember the choice and then direct further newsletters from that website to your inbox in the future. The same goes for when you move an email from the inbox to the low priority folder.

One-stop solution

Tidy Inbox not just sorts your emails, but gives you options of bulk delete and bulk Unsubscribe. It’s like “Gmail Tabs meet Cleanfoox”. CleanFox lets you delete newsletters and unsubscribe from them in a fast and easy manner. Tidy Inbox does the exact same thing. It gives you the option of Delete All and Bulk Unsubscribe to get rid of the newsletters and social emails. Meanwhile, it also provides you with a structured inbox just like Gmail.

$50 Tag

I’ve come across many blogs stating their concern about the $50 per year price tag. Tidy Inbox is a supercharger feature; that is you’ve to subscribe to Newton to use this feature. While this may be true that paying $50 is a lot for an organized inbox when other free or less costly options are available, Newton has its own set of users. The users who are happy to pay for all the services that Newton has to offer. So, if you are already a Newton user, tidy Inbox isn’t going to bring any issues to your pocket. And if you are a new user and if emails form a substantial part of your life, you may opt for the free trial. And if it’s worth, then go for it.

What we think

If you are someone who checks their inbox once in a while or someone whose life is not much affected if they miss an email or two (yes, not everybody is a tech geek or a business giant), then Tidy Inbox is not for you. But if your whole lot of life depends on your daily transactions through email. If you are someone whose inbox is flowing with continuous emails not just from work but social media and bills and other such things, Tidy Inbox is a great option. You get to access and organize all your email accounts from a single platform. you also have options to manage emails quickly through bulk actions.

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