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Share photos quickly by Suggested Sharing in Google Photos

Google Photos

Photos and videos have become an inseparable part of one's life. We tend to click every memory and share it with our loved ones. It is now possible to share photos quickly by suggested sharing in Google Photos; you just need to do a few settings and Google does the rest for you.


Beacons Explained

Beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that continuously emit a signal which other devices can receive. You can compare it with a lighthouse that is continuously emitting light. And the sailors get to know about them when they come in range.

Magpie GPS Tracker – TEC product of the month June 2017

Magpie Gps Tracker

We all have so many stresses in life. And if you are like me, lost keys, remotes and cards add to it. We have to deal with life and what comes with it. But when it comes to tracking people and pets and valuables, you can rely entirely on Magpie GPS Tracker.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Base is like a database of knowledge that helps to enhance the search results. It uses semantic search to improve search accuracy.

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