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11 new features of Firebase that will make developers’ lives easier

Whats new in Firebase

Google I/O has ended. Every year developers benefit the most from this event. And this year is no exception either.  In this article, we are covering 11 new features of Firebase that will take Firebase development to an entirely new level. Be it in analytics or cloud storage or the Test Lab, these new features are going to create a huge difference in the way we code. What was already great has been made better! Here I list the overview of the features of Firebase that you as developers will love and use some time or the other. Google Analytics for Firebase Any

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Chiclet Keyboards

Chiclet keyboards are the type of keyboards that have keys in small squares with rounded corners and straight edges. These keyboards are also called island-style keyboards. Due to the straight edges, the keys have a slightly larger area which gives you a good typing space. The chiclet design derives its name from the American chewing gum brand, Chiclets. The keys in chiclet keyboards resemble the actual chiclet gum. Chiclet keyboards on Wikipedia

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Tizen Incentive Program – Develop an app and earn $10,000

Tizen App Incentive Program

Tizen is an open source and flexible operating system that spans multiple devices from phones and tablets to in-vehicle devices to home appliances. We are not going to discuss Tizen in this article. You can find all about Tizen OS here. What we are interested in letting you know is about the Tizen Incentive Program. A simple and straightforward way to earn $10,000 and gain popularity in the Tizen community. [the_ad id=”3168″]   The Tizen Incentive Program Developers from around the globe are welcome to develop a Tizen app and register it to the Tizen Store Seller Office. If the

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The Tizen Operating System – everything that you need to know

Tizen, mobile OS by Samsung

When you talk about smartphones, there are very few names to discuss with Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS leading the list. However, time and again we find some new operating systems being developed. Some become popular aka Cyanogen mod, some just don’t reach the glory like Palm OS but efforts go on. Today, we are going to talk about the Tizen Operating system which came to limelight in around 2013 when Samsung invested in it. Samsung has also merged its operating system BADA with Tizen OS. [the_ad id=”3168″]   Tizen is an open source Linux-based operating system developed to work

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