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Tizen Incentive Program – Develop an app and earn $10,000

Tizen App Incentive Program

Tizen is an open-source and flexible operating system that spans multiple devices from phones and tablets to in-vehicle devices to home appliances. We are not going to discuss Tizen in this article. You can find all about Tizen OS here. What we are interested in letting you know is about the Tizen Incentive Program. A simple and straightforward way to earn $10,000 and gain popularity in the Tizen...

The Tizen Operating System – everything that you need to know

Tizen, mobile OS by Samsung

When you talk about smartphones, there are very few names to discuss with Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS leading the list. However, time and again we find some new operating systems being developed. Some become popular aka Cyanogen mod, some just don’t reach the glory like Palm OS but efforts go on. Today, we are going to talk about the Tizen Operating system which came to...

Yi Halo – a foolproof solution to capturing VR videos

Yi Halo

Google aims to simplify the VR video capturing with it’s professional VR platform, Jump. Jump cameras are specially built for automated video stitching. Combine this with depth data, exposure control, tone mapping, everything that a Jump Assembler provides, you will definitely capture a wonder in the VR world. And to state that more is yet to come. Wow!!  Google has announced the...

Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ (Things you should know)

Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+

The much-awaited and discussed phone by Samsung, Galaxy S8 was finally launched today. It is, therefore, going to be interesting the first few months of S8 after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. And from the looks of the phone and the features announced, it feels sure that Galaxy S8 is here to bang the market hard. S8 comes in two models: 5.8′ Galaxy S86.2′ Galaxy S8 Plus We are not going to...

Similar Items Feature in Google Image Search for Google Android App and Mobile Web

Google Image Search New Feature

Google Image Search launched a Similar Items feature for Mobile web and Android Search app. Images are a great way to look up a product. And what better place than Google Images to search for anything under the Sun. And with Similar Items, the user will not only see the images but also similar items. The cherry on top is that not only the similar items but their price and availability will...

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