WebVR – Share VR on Web just like anything else!!

WebVR Experiments by Google

Virtual Reality came as a way of bringing fantasies to reality. It gives a realistic experience with its 360-degree environment that user can manipulate. But right now, developing in VR and sharing it is really complicated. WebVR is a step towards making VR easily accessible and available. WebVR tends to make sharing VR as simple as sharing a link on the Web. [the_ad id=”3168″]   With WebVR, you don’t have to wait for the apps to be approved and installed. You just have to open your browser and get into VR by just clicking a link. And since the actual VR stuff

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Similar Items Feature in Google Image Search for Google Android App and Mobile Web

Google Image Search New Feature

Google Image Search launched Similar Items feature for Mobile web and Android Search app. Images are a great way to look up a product. And what better place than Google Images to search for anything under the Sun. And with Similar Items, user will not only see the images but also similar items. [the_ad id=”3168″]   The cherry on top is that not only the similar items but their price and availability will also be displayed under the image. Currently, this feature covers handbags, sunglasses and shoes and will cover other apparels soon. This feature is launched for mobile web and

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Expanded YouTube Partner Program – Protecting Creators from Content Copiers

Expanded YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program was started in 2007 to help you with everything that makes a channel great and earns you money. Now, YouTube takes it a step further by expanding the YouTube Partner Program towards safeguarding original content and reducing fraudulent and duplicate posts. [the_ad id=”3168″]   The Expanded YouTube Partner Program As stated on the YouTube Creator blog yesterday, YouTube will stop showing advertisements on channels that have a lifetime views less than 10K. This step may affect the revenues of many channels. But according to the YouTube community, it will safeguard those who take time and toil hard to

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Google lists out their all Open Source Projects at one place

Google Open Source Projects

Google. You hear the name and the first thing that comes to mind is the best services and that too for free. Be it the ubiquitous search engine or the maps and navigation or the mail and drive or the most revolutionary Android OS, Google has provided it all for free.  The list is long but it doesn’t need recognition. Every one knows and uses Google’s services. [the_ad id=”3168″]   Moreover, majority of the services provided are also available open source. The feature rich libraries, Android development tools, the APIs are all available on the Internet. And the big news

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Google Developer Day India 2017

Google Developer Day 2017

Google Developer Day is an annual event held by Google across the world consisting of seminars and code labs. This year, Google Developer Day in India was held at Ahmedabad on March 31, 2017. We attended and fully enjoyed the seminar and here’s a brief overview of the event. The event was organized at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad. After the Welcome note, we had to select a track that we were interested in. From Mobile-Track and Cloud-Track, we went for the Mobile-Track and here’s a brief of the day’s activities there. We’ll discuss the main points discussed during various sessions. Android Studio The key highlight

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Unsplash – High Resolution photos for free

Unsplash - Get free high resolution photos

Today’s post is about a website that offers wonderful and amazing free photos in high resolution, Unsplash. And the best part, in their own words is “Do whatever you want” with these images. [the_ad id=”3168″]   About Unsplash When you reach the website, you are greeted with beautiful photos and some social links. You can directly view and download the photos. You can also follow Unsplash on various social media websites from the links provided on the main page of the website. If you are frequently visiting the website for photos from particular category, you can join it and select

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